Gen Y, X and Baby Boomers how do you Get Services?

So you are looking at doing some renovations or you are looking to do a clean up around the house. How do you find a cost effect price from someone in a service area that you know nothing about? Different demographics would look at the problem in different ways.

Buying Local services

Gen Y – they would reach for the mobile phone and start searching online straight away. Who reads news papers Grandpa.

Gen X – similar to Gen Y more likely to undertake research online or may ask a friend on who do they get a service done, especially if they have no prior knowledge of the service. Or may just purchase an installation service at the time they purchase something from the store. Eg I just bought a reverse cycle air conditioning unit. How do I now get it installed. The store I purchased the item from was offering an nstallation service with this. Obviously this would be the best deal available? Who are you kidding – this is going to be the most expensive option.

Now Baby Boomers depending on tech savvy they are and how old their kids are, and if they are still living at home or no. By the way Gen Y’er go get your own place to live – let Mom and Dad save some money for retirement.

Baby Boomers are more likely to utilize the local newspaper or the letterbox drop with the one in a life time deal. They are more likely to purchase the installation service associated to the white goods products .

But what about those services associated with the installation of a new kitchen or carpet cleaning – what about if you have your own business how do you organise a commercial cleaning? The list goes not but hte question remains? Do you use the Yellow Pages – haha – that was a joke if you missed it.

This gap has been identified by Urban Quote? They capture the details of the customer requiring a service and they forward those on to providers who undertake these local services in the suburbs where the customers lives.

The service is free to the customer. The service provider pre-purchases leads from Urban Quote. Reducing the risk on the company of cash flow and payment of services.

This form of lead generation / sales marketing is not a new idea, however the approach Urban Quote is taking to capture the details is unique and none of the big companies are taking the approach they have. They will also be publishing a ToolBox of smart marketing ideas to help grow the small carpet cleaning Brisbane businesses. The larger companies have grown out their services and have not focused on the profitable markets or the markets which will grow their business.

This form of pre-paid marketing is a great idea for small businesses – as they can now grow their business without the financial burden of a large advertising /  marketing budget. Cash flow is the heart of any small business and the thing Urban Quote is providing to the SME’s is laser targeted leads that are rip for the picking.

Now is it all beer and skittles for the SME? No – not by a long shot! They still need to convert these leads into paying customers. But then, doesn’t every company whenever they undertake any type of advertising campaign. Irrespectively of attending a Home Show – and having a stall or you do a letter box drop. You need a strong ability to convert the leads to a sale.

There are a number of key factors which influence the conversion rate.

  1. Quality of the lead – are they really interested in purchasing?
  2. Timing – how long ago did the person request the quote, has it gone stale because it was not actioned in a timely manner
  3. Now secondly in the timing – is it first come, first served. Did you respond to the customer at the end of the day, when they requested a quote first thing in the morning. Were you second fiddle to the company who has a dedicated sales person – and did they ring the customer straight away?

Did you notice Timing is a strong influencer to the sales funnel.

They are many more contributing factors to the sales process, however I think Urban Quote could be on a winner – providing consumers with local services.

So can a Bricks and Mortar business become an online success?

So can a bricks and mortar business become an online success? Of course they can! This is exactly what The Coeliac Shack intends to do.  This was a traditional small business located in down town Redcliffe until the new owners decided that any business irrespective of their size need an online presence.

Being a coeliac myself, I totally agree that there is opportunity for gluten free products to thrive as the gluten free products of yesterday were dreadful. They were bland expensive and look downright horrible. That’s not to say all gluten free products are great either. That’s where The Coeliac Shack can turn any household kitchen into the next Master Chief contestant with their fabulous products and menu ideas. Continue reading

Watch Listen Learn – yChatter is on the Up with a Houseshare

As with every small company you need to start at some time a hope to grow into a raving success. On the journey you look at what your competitors are doing and  you create a product and then your listen to your customers and you learn from your mistakes and success.


This is where we have helped yChatter an ambitious project by a small Australian IT company trying to match it with competion that has been around for 10 plus years and has ingrained themselves into a competitive houseshare market in the UK and Australia initially. Share Accommodation Sydney and student accommodaiton London are both very competive markets yet yChatter is making their mark.

Luckily for yChatter they have adopted a number of strategies that have already helped them kick start they idea into reality and are continuing to Watch, Listen and Learn.

They have already undertaken a number of recommendations from use here and are about to launch their Australia yChatter and UK yChatter sites with attractive Pinterest  theme for these websites.


Well to finalize this post, yChatter have launched their UK and AUS pinterest themed sites and are already further capturing the house share market in London. In Australia where there is a share accommodation Sydney and share accommodation Melbourne market it is a slower increase in  take up due to the vast distances in the cities and the social economic statis. Also Australia has a low rate of unemployment and a heatlhier economy than many other developing counties – which has alway been a consider ation of the founders on ychatter. From the SMM team all the best with the growth of the sites!

41 How Interesting Is Solar

Well I have to say solar power is more interested than I ever cared about – living in a world of brand and image, I would never thought about saving the planet!

That is where we have worded with our friends at to help with the look and fell on we all need to do our part to help save the planet – it is not about does global warmed even exist it is more about let’s not put our pollutants back into the environment – do you even care about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy? Maybe but most likely not!

Solar power is about brand image and making the consumer be happy about saving the environment and if this doesn’t matter to them, make them consider the actual cost benefit of installing solar on your roof and saving hard cash! Now everyone cares about sex, money and themselves!



31 Re-brand and have a Make Over

You wake up and you look in the mirror what do you see!

Are you happy with how things are progressing?

Do you need a face lift!

Do you need to rejuvenate!

Well we did and we had a makeover and look at what we are now doing.

It is always important to have your best foot forward and always look your best to your customer.

Below are some stories on what our customers have done and how we have helped them have a look in that mirror of online presence and refresh their thoughts, dream and ideas.

Even small changes can change the perception your customer can have on you!

PS Always look your best with your Brand!!